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Magic Universe - Spiral galaxy NGC 1022


This peculiar galaxy, beautifully furrowed by tendrils of reddish dust, is captured here with wonderful details by the Hubble Space Telescope. The galaxy is cataloged as NGC 1022, is located in the Constellation of Cetus or Whale, and is classified as a barred spiral galaxy. In this image you can distinguish the star bar in the center of the galaxy, with rotating arms that emerge from its ends. This bar is much less prominent than those visible in other barred spiral galaxies, which give it a rather squat appearance. But the dust lanes that rotate along its disc give it an intriguing beauty. Hubble observed this galaxy as part of a study on the massive black holes that reside in the nucleus of these island universes. These objects invisible to light, are fundamental components of galaxies, and are believed to lurk in the hearts of many or all of the great spirals. In fact, they can have a fairly large influence on their cosmic homes. Studies suggest that .....

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